New device new opportunities

After two years of service, it is time to retire my Surface Pro 3. Its younger brother, Surface Pro, will take its place. I will still keep my detachable keyboard, though. That purple type cover is cooler than the device itself. I will probably spend a weekend setting up and customizing it. I am planning to make the setup reproducible to some extent. Powershell, DSC, Ansible, I have many candidates for the job. I will also have a look at boxcutter. Setting up a new device is ultimately a boring experience unless you are open to lots of experimentation. I already accept that I will probably reinstall Windows a few times because I want to start over customizing.

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Phantom fixes

Bug-fixing is one of the most enjoyable part of the software development for me. Catching defects, discovering unhandled edge cases, surfing through software layers is nothing but a wild ride. It provides a unique way to immerse myself in the systems I am working on. It teaches how an entire army of modules interact to provide the desired output. In case of bugs, it demonstrates how they fail to do so.

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Having a break on Saturdays

Especially after busy weeks, I deliberately stay away from any software development on Saturdays. My past experiences showed me that I usually waste my day rather than having a meaningful impact, so I use my Saturdays away from keyboard. I usually go out, do some shopping, and clean my apartment. It provides a nice opportunity for recovery and reduce my stress levels. Even if it is a demo project or some programming book, it is still an effort and I want to do my best with them. But I realized that I am far from my best when I am exhausted after a busy week.

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